The funeral home

My friends  mom died so I went to help her with funeral arrangements and as we sat in the funeral home talking to the director i hear her mom yelling at me ….no no no not this funeral home the other one the other one… i didn’t want to say anything right then cuz the director would have thought i was nuts so i get up walk to the window and whisper……its gona be okay its gona be okay……..she stops yelling and i go back and sit down.  so i don’t tell my friend right away until after we leave…….arrangements are made……….i told myself not to tall her but after a while i did and she said gees even in death shes complaining i cant do anything rght……i felt bad….should have kept my mouth shut but i felt like id experienced the wrath of her mean mother that she had always had an issue with as well as alot of other [people and now she yells at me from the after life………..she did say thankyou to my friend through me and i told her that too  so i guess its okay but it was pretty wild.

it makes me think i should work in hospice or a funeral home.

but then that could get really weird i suppose cuz not everyone wants to know this stuff.

i wish i could make a living talking to the dead, heavens knows i need the money.

i guess i don’t want it bad enough cuz i aint trying to be more conduit like.

Missing girl,car accident,brother and murderer

I’ve been busy and couldn’t post.

so about 4 days ago 9/28/14 was the Hannah Graham talk-
I woke from so dream and she came to me as I was wake in the dark ….(I don’t know why I woke but my dog is terminally ill with a breathing problem so often i wake now and listen to her try to breath)

she said “I can see a corn field….can I take a bath and get cleaned up……too much mud……..”

They now think it is saerial killer and the girl____i cant think of her name sorry——–was found i  a farmes feild hay…does that mean i bl-err the TV visual with the spirit?

SO if hannah grahamn did give me information about seeings a corn field then she is indeed berried near a corn field.

car accident was of my car and possibly a friend who i have called and informed that her burnt orange car flipped end over end in front of me in what seemed like snow and she has car the same color….

brother and murderer was about my brothers friend and MY former boyfriend who is a murder……in the deram were once again partners….not good as this guy turned rouge and drunk and very violent.stole my brothers business and so much more i cant write it…….recently accused of pushing his mother down stairs and killer her……which he did but got off….. and anytime this guy shows up in my dream IT AIINT GOOD..

Flying, dog dying, stomach gulp

Dreamt I showed some how i could fly-i have this dream so much i actuly try it in the backyard. just flap your arms…..
so then i see in the morning how “how t train your dragon” movie and the flying scene made me cry cuz i did that in my dream fly like the dragon….

my dog is terminally ill for real and at night i listen to her breath its more and more hard for her and soon i will have to choose not to let her suffocate from the tumor. last night i heard her breathing, i then dremt someone was stuffing water balloons down my throat to fill up my stomach….like her tumor was doing to her. i gulped and gulped like her. i wondered if it was her telling me its time…….

rooms of body bags

Dreamt and woke 4 am – why always about 4 am?

walking through rooms full of tables and body bags on them with stiff bodies in them. i couldn’t see the bodies but could see they were in positions of kinds..not laying down. they were like they died moving and got frozen that way. for some reason i felt they were burned or chard. i don’t know why i felt that but the 3 rooms were dark and as i walked through i felt a sense of aliveness, but they were dead. i woke saying “that was scary”…..and remember thinking at least i didn’t have to see the actual act of dyeing.

i felt sad because many people will die-or did and i found their souls. none asked to be crossed though so i think it will happen. what? i can’t say but they will be “caught in the act” and surprised by death not knowing it is coming.

abducted by long nailed chinaman

I woke from a dream-
I was abducted as a young child by a china man with really long nails and he wanted me as a concubine for himself and others. there were more girls there and more china-men and i cried and tried to run a way…..then somehow he turned nice and then i woke up.

It must be happening to someone. it makes me sad.

sex, love, money

I can barely type this. It makes me feel like I’m cheating. How can a dream be cheating?
He came to steal me away from my byfd that I’m in bed with sleeping next to. He came and lay on top of me, I can smell him, it was a kind of lucid dream cause I was awake but a sleep. I don’t rem,ember calling out. he never touched any other part but lay on top of me and whispered soft….i dono what he said…..he touched my breast though and i wanted to be quiet because my byfd was right next to me,us, ya well me i guess. then in the dream the byfd wok up and saw him on top me and said “shit i guess you won her.” and he said “ya” and smiled and then gave me his wallet and said here hon take 250 and i counted out 5, 50 dollar bills and that’s when i opened my eyes. he is a soul mate who is still alive and far away but a soul mate none the less and we can’t be together, he won’t let anyone in. i feel his soul and i’m guessing he misses me and that’s what i experience, others peoples experiences. yahoo.

Example of the dreams I dream EVERY NIGHT

An old Native American Indian man tried to commit suicide in an indoor, man made channel / canal / lock by standing in it when the flood gate was lifted. He didn’t die just floated away.

A little Native American girl making mandalas with an eagle image on it and I told her I liked it.

My brother in a ruffled vampire like shirt with a rose in his hand and
his wife is ready for a trip to Disneyland with a small child but couldn’t go because she had no cat cage.

Yep that is just one night.

If I ad the time and will I would try to find out if the any of the brother stuff is true but I donno how to find out anything about the Native American people cuz i dono any. I wonder a lot if I’m remotely chiming in on a live persons experience or thoughts. I have the feeling I am but proof is not possible unless i go to a scientific place and get researched but i dono the names anymore, maybe i should research that!