after thought of plane crash

it could be a gift i have as it has brought me today a happiness in  thinking i am alive.

many i talk to are so rooted in negative thinking all i thought about listening to them is how happy  i am to be alive.

I should tell my daughter.

i will but she didn’t seem to be receptive today.

no one is. I tell no one but you…….. and hence the reason for this blog.

jean my accupuncturist  is ………maybe i’ll call her

More crossing over from plane crash

While gardening yesterday 7/18/14 I was drawn to think about the plane crash and not the peas I was planting. I looked up  into the woods around my garden and heard a voice. I looked for a face in the trees and leaves.  I saw in my minds eye and older oriental man in glasses standing , just standing  and starring at me.

I said aloud “you can go now. you have to go it’s okay”.

i looked down and then began to hoe the trench for my peas to sew in. i thought it was over.

the voice said” i can’t,”

then i said as i continue to hoe the earth  “you have to, you can’t help now you have to go” and i stopped the digging and raised my hand over my head and spun a circle to open the aura, a place easier for him to cross to the place he needed to go.

The sun was bright and the birds were talking in a slight breeze that rattled the leaves lightly.

He said” tell them i love them, tell them goodbye i didn’t say goodbye i didn’t”

“I can’t ”  I stopped an looked around hoping to see him walking around like you see one the TV shows. Nope didn’t see him only heard the voice and my mind saw him. I took a breath and said I” don’t know who you are, how can I tell someone what you want to say if I don’t know who you are”

I thought about how hard it is to find the relatives in real life, i thought about how hard it is to remotely contact someone in the metaphysical world.

I’m not hoeing anymore as I say “who are you?”

I hear” ….Q….k….quwa….chung….Qui Chung” and I can see the writing of it in my minds eye.

“Okay, I’ll try Qui Chung” and i continue on my plan to plant the rest of my peas.


later i make good on my promise to try and find 2 people that seemed to jump out at me on FB and send them a freind request.

And so it goes.



7/19/14  I woke from a dream and a small boy, a fire and a family of 4.  in the dream the fire was started by a stove, and everyone got out okay, but the boy sat on my lap and he was small and bony, black hair and freckles, cuddling me. and  thought I should cross him over cuz he may have been part of the plane crash so i say “you can go” and raise my hand in my sleep and squeeze him a hug and i wake up.

I watch TV show this am i never watch this show but a boy looked kinda like the boy from the dream and there was a house fire in the story……hummmmmmmm always a mystery.

and goes.

Plane crash

Had a very sleepless night .

Woke many times talking to myself about dreams-a giant snake with hole in it, a vodka watermellon,

@one point I tried to keep my eyes open cuz i didn’t want to dream anymore cuz none was good dreams i was yelling a lot.

So as i lay opened eyed i think i see the plane crash in Ukraine and a baby in mothers arms.  i think i should try to cross them over to the other side cuz they donno they died. so i start to shut my eyes hoping it goes away and say you can go its okay go………and that was that. they disappeared.

i suppose they’ll be more.

This morning i hear a tv talk host go off about their were 3 infants on the plane, she was very upset about that.

Then they do a segment about watermellon.

And so it goes.


Make my dream come true

I dremt what I want to happen.

I can make it happen?

It won’t happen unless I try to make it happen.


Maybe because I can dream what will happen the dream I had will happen because it can happen if I try to make it happen.

What was the dream?……I dremt I pitched Generation News my kids show and they wanted it and helped me make it happen.

HA!  guesss i gotta try it now.

I now believe I gave my self this premonition gift in this life to help me make my dream come true.  My dream of a kids tv show that educates and supports children’s way of life in a positive platform of free speech.

(I’ve not posted my many dreams this month as they were/are most about my daily life.)


Notes on 6-18-14



Originally posted on World Predictions:

I had a visual of a red and white flag lining up – “Good Luck!.. they prevail.. champions”

I had a visual of several police or soldiers surrounding a few bodies laying on the ground. They seemed to be missing clothes. Then they showed several different faces bruised and bloody.

“Do not attempt to go through.. Brutal force”

“Electrical volts.. leaders asked to resign”

“Baker Won” – I had a visual of someone voting, putting their vote in a wooden ballot box.

I had a visual of several lit candles on the side of a road or path.

A Fan asked this question: “I’m also wondering how do I get others to pray and inform them of this upcoming danger? Most people don’t believe in Spirits/psychics and would think I’m crazy.”

Our greatest goal in predicting these events is to facilitate change through making enough people aware of the upcoming…

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Won a grant for my art!

All the writing paid off and I won some $ for my tv show.  Not a lot… but the Puffin Foundation said was doing important work with diligence and impressive. They fund work that reaches the average person and impacts society “changing the dialoge between art and ordinary people”. HA! Yahoooooo.  I already used the money to fly my actor in from NYC and read the screenplay at a local meeting for movie makers.  It is a sucky script but I got it on tape so I could use it…I’ll edit the crap out of it and make it better.   I gotta work on the script.

SIDE NOTE*I sent a shout out to T.Devault-a well known reality tv writer/producer about my idea and the creep was all over my email wanting to know more but then when I sent a piece of the script to him he never emailed back and said oh i must have missed it and still no response so im guessing hes gona make a reality kids show now cuz stupid me gave him an idea.  I copyrighted everything.  It sucks people can do that.  It was already stolen once by disney 15 years ago-out of the box they called it-its a long story I’ll write when I have time.  Hey maybe thats a screenplay!

I took down my website and my videos are locked on vimeo.  SUCKS…………… I wanna show everyone.

Woman and boy drowning dream

It wasn’t morbid there was no thrashing they just sank in the water…a lake or ocean it was big water feeling.  seemed to be mother and son maybe.  this was 4 days ago and I still see it.  Not good, I live near a big lake too.  So this morning I saw on the news a boat crashed the pier and 4 people were taken to hospital but they didn’t say who or ages.  They’ll find out more later to day, I hate when they only give you part of the story.