weird changes……

I was singing the song from the cartoon the Jetsons – EEP OPP ORK AH AH   for 2 days for no good reason i can think of, just started singing it. So then i find a CD and the witch doctor song is on it (kids sonds) OOOO EEEEE OOOO AAA AAA TING TANG WHALLA WHALLA BING BANG and sing that.  So im thinkin the jetsons song was a premonition to the doc song…funny thing is it wasn’t a dream that i can remember.  that is a definite change from sleep dream premonitions  to awake premonitions which has been happening more and more. the change is interesting and i wonder if i can controll it more than the sleep premonitions cuz im awake.  it would make sense to me. so i figured id try to ask for information about the week to come and meditate on it………..ill let ya know what manifests.

Burned elephants dream

Almost funny but not….it was gross.  They were still alive and standing. 2 of them.  I could draw them but don’t wanna depress my self.  they almost looked like the mammoth they recently found in the ice somewhere in the world a while ago but it wasn’t . i told my byf to kill them cuz they look hideous and must be suffering.

all i can think of is the drawing i showed in my drawing class 2 days ago by Renoir of an elephant a really great piece i love it.  I have no clue about the burnt part-visually they didn’t look burnt, for some reason i just think they were burnt.  they were more decomposed looking ,kinda pieces of skin missing and insides not there. i did see a dead cat yesterday with guts all over the snow bank, looked like a snowplow ripped it up and threw it on the top of the snow pile-really ugly and i purposely drove home a different way so i wouldn’t see it a gain.

Why the burnt part?   well i was told i couldn’t fix everyone, i was told i was the match that could light the way for people if they choose but my job is just to be here.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO that means ……….my  subconscious brain is a fucked up confused web of shit i see and do all day AS WELL AS  a condawit for spirit realm.   GREAAAAAATTTTTTTT.   (i laugh as i write)

Window Vision

2:15 I woke up this morning from sleep and thought about what the Indian seer I had a reading with said to me (you have friends helping you till 2039,it is your time now not before this, it will be big,find people in education,your work is very important,you were a very powerful Indian  medicine woman in the last life you bring those gifts with you now………..   and then the woman psychic- Alexis in a chat we had “ask for what you want”   hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so I did.

In my mind I asked for them to help me by giving me a direction to pursue the TV show. I asked for a clue, a symbol like the tarot cards said I should see.    Then with my eyes closed when I looked to my third eye (the center of your head between your eyes) I saw a bright white light  in the shape of a window, it hovered to the bottom right  and slipped away. So I asked to see it again and it appeared. Just for a second and slipped away again.  I felt myself smiling.

A window———hum————– that could mean they have given me a way out- away in .

So I’ve been working on letters to get an agent for my script, its hard cuz I don’t write well and I hate it…….go figure……..I have letters asking for a space to house the show, and an organization to partner with me, I have a letter for public broadcasting station.  I have letters.  5 different kinds.  I haven’t sent any yet.   ………….. guess I should.

I know why I saw the face…….

About my last post of Tyler  the hero

Tyler was an artist-so am I

Tyler was empathetic to his grandfather and my mom plays a huge roll in my children s lives.

Tyler is now all over the national news- it’s a big deal and I usually get premonitions of big deal stuff.

Tyler is kid and kids are my campaign.   My obsession is my kids  TV show I wrote and continue to search for funding to make so kids will have a platform to speak.

I think he came to me for help and praise.  I think he is telling me not to ever give up on my dream.

I won’t.

I cry as I write this.


face on the wall

2 mornings ago- 4 am I opened my eyes and see the glowing light on the wall, in the shape of a face with eyes and a mouth.  It was barely descriptive so I blinked to look harder and found it to be the same.   Then it disappeared for split second and reappeared as a small bright spot of light for another second as if it was sucked away to a point and then vanished.   I was then directed some how to roll myself to my back and look at the celling, I pondered the smoke alarm there and wondered if we had changed the batteries so it would work if there was a fire.  As I closed my eyes I knew the glowing face was a soul coming to me for help crossing over so I whispered….”you can go”.

When I got up at 7am- a mobile home fire had killed 3 people almost the exact time of the vision, one an 8 year old boy.  It was the boy who came to me. It was reported the fire department was called at 5am.


Updated: 01/20/2014 5:34 PM Created: 01/20/2014 6:10 AM

Three people have died in an early morning house fire in ______. One of the victims is an eight-year-old boy, who died trying to help others.

Sheriff’s Deputies say the victims are 57-year-old , 54-year-old and 8-year-old Tyler . 

News10NBC is learning more about three people who were killed in a mobile home fire in _____Monday morning. One of the victims is an eight-year-old boy, who gave his own life to try and save his family.  Many people are calling that young boy a hero. Fire officials believe he escaped the fire, but went back in to help rescue others trapped inside.

I think it was so clear because of the heroic nature and it being a child.

This was a newer vision for me usually I hear the souls or see them with my eyes closed.  My eyes were open.  I can’t remember anything like this.  I’m so glad the spirits don’t traumatize me anymore with actual visions of death.  That hasn’t happened for quite a while now.  The information is much more subtle now, almost cryptic.   Maybe an advancement?

BTW, I haven’t posted cuz im really busy but the premonitions have been many but more about what’s going to happen to me not others. 

I’ve also been studying tarot thinking I might be able to help others through the cards, they are widely excepted.

Good Bye Tyler…….Transend