Missing girl Briitney

oI   saw the man they thiet intevir=ewed an an dhe was the one…..thethey said theyganged bangeded her an shot her and throuw heer into th analigaotaor pit….soundzs right…..i still see sunf=gklasaases somwwher  and anothe mayeb wallet ,puse,wateverer of hers on the side of the road wher e she showed me 3 t

tears agoe.

water from the cieling

3 dreams of water pouring from the ceiling of the house and not knowing how to stop it.

I predict a huge crash in 3 years when people can’t find a way out (water pouring from the ceiling of the house )  of disastrous repercussions for no apparent reason.

when i see past present and future  its hard not o know what will be and what was and what is…ha that was a redundant statement …

..life has many layers and so does death….the choices here in life  are minuet and mean only for use for the living to try.  Death is the same

thats all.

Dremt my sister died

very sad.  woke crying……

she isn’t dead but she is addicted to prescription meds.  we, me and the family,are gona try to talk to her about it this month.  a rough thing, shes so stubborn,alone,depressed,and all that goes with addiction.

when I dream of death and wake from the dream crying ………a lot of time it happens.  I hate typing those words.


The missing girl I channeled 3 years ago they declared dead.  no body.  They won’t give any info cuz they are still trying to find her killer.  i didn’t see him.  she showed me where to look for evidence.  i never gave it to the authorities yet.  i have to to clear my soul.  soon.











the dream was: me and my daughter of 17 trapped in a house full of men.bad men that w anted to rape us…naked men all over that locked the doors….i woke up and said thtas  not good did it happen…no im home with my daughter and we aren’t in that place……..so hard to tell the reality from the 4th world…


Last Dream is all good Mom said

I asked her  although  i thought i should not because my dad just died,,,,,she said she decided to take the monkey pets without my dads knowing or me or my brother or my s sister and give them to the zoo….I know she was mad at my father.. heartbroken by my fathers cheating and drunk with the neighbor…….they just did it….took my monkey family and gave it away……..