I think I actually saw the separation of dimensions last night not in a dream but in reality during an out door hike at dusk.   I took pictures but it didn’t come through on a photo of course.  it was like a black fence with small square openings and it surrounded me as I walked.  I ask my bfd if he saw it and of course no, he thought i was nuts cuz i kept trying to touch it, but of  course could not. i’m going out at the same time tonight to see if it happens again.  if it does I’m gonna use my daughters really good DSL camera.

Me and my sister were talking to my mom about quantum physics and the new theory of everything happening at once 2 days ago.   I think it presented its self to me.  I think I witnessed the “fence” that separates the dimensions we can’t see!  Of course if I can’t get a photo nobody cares.  I could draw it but the reality is it ain’t no good to nobody but me.  What do i do with that?  Blog about it is all I can do.

Can you see it?





taking care of baby birds that looked like mice then backing up a big silver truck up in the snowy rock hill.

woke up to pee grinning at the silliness of this.

went back to bed, got up 6:15 am looked out the window and the neighbor with a big silver truck was just driving away from his driveway, he always backs out of his driveway,and it had just stopped snowing.

i bring my kid to her last final test in first year of college.  stopped at the traffic light, a hawk sails by my car on the passenger side with a varmint in it’s grips….i have to guess it was a mouse.

heavy sigh.

why me?



dream 1/2013 came true 12/16/16


This was in January 2013

On tv i saw a video on the news of 2 people in Syria pushing a cart with dead children on it-the clothes matched my drawing.  The maggots and bumps on the legs were most likely the deteriorated blueish legs.  The angle of the video was someone with a camera behind the people pushing the cart and the legs were wobbling and you caught a glimpse of the state the bodies were in.. The traffic jam was later in the day as I was driving we had a snow storm and traffic was terrible and the giant tractor shovel was plowing the parking lot.

I said before that I have some kind of connection to Syria.  Must be my beginning place. I did a report in 6th grade on the country and I was so proud of it.  I did some psychic stuff a while back and found my spirit guide Angelophos  near there when humans began.


Oh well, and so it goes for me.

Heavy sigh

woke from a dreammare….nightmare part dream….crying.

thats bad

whats worse is i was saying i miss my mother.

The particulars…….my dad was there motering in his cannoe and had too live geese tethered to the canoe and he was taking them up strem to hunt????  I donno. and then i think it wsa mom or me explaing  a wall of images she had collected throughout her life.  and then i woke up crying

my dad died 2 summers ago sudddenly of pancreatic cacncer and i dreamt that he was leaving about 2-3 months before he was diagnosed.

My sister asked my dad 3 nights ago to send mom a sign that he still loved her cuz she was having a really hard time. He did and it freeked my mom and her dog out.

mom is a chain smoker for 55 years and has pancreatitus.  her recent mri showed noduels in her lungs.

Mom is a saint. she married a dictator that treated her like shit.but she still loved him cuz she was raisewd in an abusive home.

I know everyone dies.

but right now i have to cry cuz ……

ok done.

so now i blow my nose and convince myself for the enext 24 hours it doesn’t mean shes gona die soon.

some gift i have




Missing girl Briitney

oI   saw the man they thiet intevir=ewed an an dhe was the one…..thethey said theyganged bangeded her an shot her and throuw heer into th analigaotaor pit….soundzs right…..i still see sunf=gklasaases somwwher  and anothe mayeb wallet ,puse,wateverer of hers on the side of the road wher e she showed me 3 t

tears agoe.