Dad to dog comes true

The may 30th dream came true on may 31st.

My dad fell in the the morning of that day.

red die from his socks stained his sheets and looked like blood that night.

I spent the night at his house to help my mom and her dog is a st charles(looks like a border collie but smaller). He slept on the couch with me as I pet him.

My sister kept wanting to fee my dad but in late stage cancer they said it would cause vomiting and choking suffocation.

I saw my dads spirit sit up out of his lying body in the early morning hours. he looked around for 30 seconds and layed back down.  So I say  “OM Mani Padme Hum”  May the lotus of your consciousness rest an in your soul.

dream comes true

dad fell, the dog was there by my feet, the feet were red from the die on his socks, and the blood cough is yet to be but i think it is they fact that they d=said it is not so good to eat as the body shuts down as he can vomit and choke… sister wants him eot eat…there is a differnce of knowing……she won’t let him go……and she isn’t even his kid,,,shes adopted.  I think it is her ego. I knowit is.

someone is dying

someone is liveing

someone is crying

someone is laughing

someone is hit

someone is sad

someone is hurt

some one is not

someone is loving

someone is fucking

someone is being fucked

someone is is cheating

someone is being cheated

someone is born

someone is dying………..

someone is

Trying to save my dad….

brain work

What I did remotely to get rid my dads unforgiveness to heal him

Dremeling off the cancer

The pancreas,bone, and enfore bath

The enfore bath of blue is a substance I was given from Angelophos … my higher self ….as a great healer for humans.

Today 10 of us family went to say happy mothers day to mom his caretaker.  My dad said a heartfelt speech about his coming into a wholeness from his life’s journey and thanking us for all we are and do for him….he is very dependent on us all.  Very much out of character for a hitler type dictator that he was and now sees.

I think my remote work helped……..

or maybe it is the humbling experience of you can’t stand up and piss anymore by yourself.

“we all are broken as disease wins

we all watch the sucking beaast

eating consuming feeding on the flesh of his

so helpless against the biological miniscule bacteria that will take his life”

The snake

Yep dreamt it this morning 4am ….a rattle snake in a country shop.  Why?? i said to myself when I woke up. Oh ya i remembered…dummy your gona see one.

sure enough say it on the tv about 3 hours later.  not a rattle snake but…..they talked about how they are using the venom of poisonous animals as a pain killer in humans.

Now I’ve always wondered why there is pain. I mean really,  why?  What a great world it would be if there was no pain.I’ve been able to heal peoples pain.  I’ve been able to stop their pain. really.  I guess if I wanted to i should try to make a living at it.  what a novel thought.  (long pause)

I’ve done it with family members and 2 others.  I can see there illness in their body and remotely make it better.  Its like the fantastic voyage.  I go inside them,find the pain,the illness,the black,or corroded brown, clean it, cover it,love it and leave.  i use the blue sparkling goo  “enfore” that Angelophos showed me. If you want to know more about him check the link “Angelophos”.  . ….. sometimes i put their whole body in it if they will let me.  some people don’t want you messing with them. some people want to be sick it makes them special.

So anyway i’ve always thought I should work on this end of my self so I can help others more.  so maybe thats what this gift/curse is for.